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A better way
to enrich your ear

We are the first platform to maintain and protect golden ears for professionals working in the music industry.

The technology has been clinically proven with Stanford University School of Medicine.

How It Works

Step 1. Requirement

(1) Log in to
(2) Plug in headphones
(3) Adjust volume to 50%
(4) Select TSC Level 10-70

Step 2. Calibration

(1) Press buttons 1 through 31 to calibrate
(2) Press the check mark if you can’t detect signal
(3) Press R button and repeat the same
(4) Calibrate at lower TSC level If you can detect everything

Step 3. Activation

(1) Press the flashing TSC button
(2) Let Sound Vaccine™ activate for 30 minutes
  <Note> You may not hear any sound.
  However, Sound Vaccine™ is in Activation.
(3) Continue Sound Vaccine™ at least twice a day for 30 minutes each time

(4) Check your hearing sensitivity on My Page